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Paisley's Musical Wish


“ I watched with tears of joy in my eyes. ”

- Molly, Wish Mom

  • Paisley , 10

    • Emanuel Syndrome
    • I wish to meet the Pentatonix

Paisley is one special and unique 10-year-old girl in more ways than one. Unfortunately, one of the ways is she lives with Emanuel Syndrome, a rare chromosomal disorder that has less than 500 confirmed cases in the world. Paisley is the only person diagnosed with this condition in North Dakota.

PaisleyDue to her critical illness, Paisley is non-verbal and wheelchair bound. While this can be limiting for what activities she can partake in there are still plenty of things she loves to do. At the top of her list is jamming to music by her favorite group, the Pentatonix. “We listen to it through doctor’s appointments, car rides, therapy sessions…that’s what makes her happy through it all,” explains Paisley’s mom, Molly.

When it came time to choose what her wish would be her parents and wish granting volunteers, Bruce, Brittany and Bob, decided that there was no other option than to have Paisley meet the people who have brought her so much joy through their music. After all the logistics were taken care of, her wish granters planned a very special reveal for Paisley. Her favorite place to be is at grandma’s house, so in the backyard a party was hosted and a local high school choir group came to sing to reveal to Paisley that her wish was coming true.Paisley

It wasn’t long after the reveal that Paisley, her parents and her brothers were off on an adventure that they would all thoroughly appreciate. At first, Paisley’s mom was hesitant about how she would react to travelling but much to her surprise the more turbulent the plane ride the more fun Paisley had! “I don’t think anyone realizes just how normal you get to be for a few days,” says Molly when talking about the wish trip.

PaisleyOnce there they had the chance to meet the vocalists who had soothed Paisley through so many tough times. At first the craziness of the day was overwhelming for Paisley but as soon as the Pentatonix began singing their warm-ups she lit up. “I watched with tears of joy in my eyes,” says Molly. She began smiling, laughing and swinging her arms and legs before she even saw them. The entire family met the group one-on-one and then stayed for a concert.

“It was a nice time to just be together and really enjoy being together without being overwhelmed and stressed.” A wish experience like Paisley’s is not just for the wish child him/herself. It’s something for the entire family to experience together because when a child has a critical illness it’s not just the child fighting and sacrificing but those who are closest to them are too.

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