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Kendall Gets Her Hug From Olaf!

648x444 Kendall

“ It was the best birthday I've ever had! ”

- Kendall, Wish Kid

Nine-year-old Kendall is convinced she was born a unicorn. Why? Because she has a brain tumor and believes that it’s just her horn growing inside her head instead of outside.

Kendall 3It’s been just over one year since Kendall’s unexpected journey began. On August 31, 2016, Kendall and her family went to a walk-in clinic not knowing that their whole lives were about to change. Tests were done and her tumor was found but so was a strength and perseverance many don’t expect a little girl to have.

Kendall’s journey began to get a lot brighter when she was referred to Make-A-Wish® North Dakota and found out she would have a wish granted. She knew exactly what she wanted to wish for when her wish granting volunteers met with her. She wished to meet Olaf, everyone’s favorite snowman from the movie Frozen. The reason she wanted to meet him was because Olaf loves warm hugs and so does she. Kendall loves him so much she even named her tumor “Olaf.”

Kendall 1Not long after her wish was discovered, Kendall’s wonderful wish granters threw her a magical wish reveal. She enjoyed a unicorn cake and Frozen themed gifts that lead up to her finding out that she and her family would be headed to Walt Disney World® in Florida to make her wish come true.

The family stayed at Give Kids the World Village where there are countless activities and endless fun to be had. However, Kendall’s favorite memories were made at the Disney parks where she met all her favorite characters like Cinderella, Moana, Mickey and so many more. Kendall and her brother, Caden, were even invited to participate in the Festival of the Lion King show.

Kendall 2But Kendall’s true highlight of the trip was that she got to spend her 9th birthday with Olaf. There were lots of laughs and, of course, warm hugs to go around as Kendall’s one true wish came true. “It was the best birthday I’ve ever had,” Kendall says when she tells people about her wish experience. Kendall’s mom is also quick to share how appreciative she is for being able to share this experience with her family and take pleasure in the pure joy it brought to Kendall.

Just like every wish, Kendall’s started with being referred, in her case by her grandmother. Make-A-Wish relies on referrals from caring individuals to help us reach kids with life-threatening medical conditions. Because Kendall was referred she was able to have a truly magical experience, almost as magical as her showing everyone that unicorns do, indeed, exist.

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