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Bristol Meets His Heroes


“ We can never thank you enough for the memories you granted our family and the smiles and strength this seems to have given our son. ”

- Windy, Wish Mom

  • Bristol , 8

    • nervous system disorder
    • I wish to meet Superheroes

Eight-year-old Bristol has had to fight a battle that no child should have to. In many ways he is stronger than the Superheroes he idolizes so much.

BristolWhen you first see Bristol, he seems like a normal eight-year-old boy. He loves to play nerf guns and cars with his brother Levi and likes to be outside as much as possible. Looking at Bristol, you would never notice that he battles a nervous system disorder. But even though you can’t always tell, this diagnosis has limited him in what he is able to handle.  He tires easily, spends 18+ hours sleeping and must take twenty-nine medications just to get him through three hours of school. He struggles with headaches, body jerks and the frustration that comes with his diagnosis.

However, his condition has not limited his imagination. When wish granters met with Bristol he knew just what he wanted to do- he wanted to meet Superheroes! When he was asked what the most important parts of his wish will be, he said “seeing Superheroes, riding rollercoasters, and eating chips and queso.”

Shortly after that, Bristol’s wish came true! He and his family packed up and headed for the airport, where the pilots on his flight let him into the cockpit to explore and push buttons. Once they landed, they headed to Give Kids the World Village® and were ready to explore. His parents explained, “Bristol enjoyed himself so much and we have never seen him smile or laugh as much as we witnessed there.”Bristol

The family spent a day at Universal Studios and had a special meeting with Megatron- where Bristol shot imaginary Spider-Man webs all over him and was “tickled pink that he beat Megatron”. After that meeting, Bristol was so excited he wanted to spend another day with them! Once they came back to Give Kids the World Village, there was time to relax and enjoy some ice cream as a family, before a special “tuck in time” by Mr. Mayor Clayton, the resident giant rabbit Mayor.


As the family returned from Bristol’s wish, his mother Windy expressed gratitude and happiness from their family. “Rich and I were moved to tears on multiple occasions over all the thought put into this trip.  We can never thank you enough for the memories you granted our family and the smiles and strength this seems to have given our son. While I don't know what his future holds, I am at peace knowing that our son has had opportunities to live in his short life of 8 years that most may never be able to do in an entire life time.” 

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