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Braelyn meets Disney Princesses

Braelyn with Cinderella

The trip was amazing and the girls had a blast!

- Wish mom, Nicole

Sisters share a special bond and having a twin sister takes that bond a step further. Wish child Braelyn and her twin sister Camryn are no different. They share a strong and special bond. They both love Disney Princesses, playing Barbie’s and baby dolls, playing school and playing dress up. They are your typical five year olds and typical siblings; loving each other one moment and fighting the next.

Braelyn’s diagnosis of leukemia rocked this family and they’ve had to navigate sickness, treatments, hospitalizations, stress and difficult decisions ever since. Being referred to Make-A-Wish by a child life specialist set into motion the wish process that made a big difference in Braelyn’s life.

Before Braelyn got sick the girls spent a lot of time together playing but when she was sick, Braelyn wasn’t able to play as long or as hard as Camryn. She would have to stop playing and rest while Camryn was able to continue playing. Camryn has had to make sacrifices because her sister is sick. Sometimes she doesn’t get a bedtime snack because Braelyn has a treatment the next morning and can’t eat after supper. She’s willing to do it though, for her sister. Sometimes she needs to be strong and help distract Braelyn from a scary medical procedure by being silly and playing with her to keep her mind off what the nurses are doing. Again, Camryn is very supportive of Braelyn, even when she doesn’t understand the magnitude of what Braelyn is going through. There have been difficult discussions about Braelyn being sick and what that means for their family. Discussions a family shouldn’t have to have with a five year old daughter.

Braelyn’s wish was to meet the Disney Princesses. Of course, Camryn was able to be a part of the wish and was very excited too. Braelyn with Pooh and Tigger

“The trip was amazing and the girls had a blast” says, Braelyn’s mom, Nicole. The wish experience was a reward for Braelyn after completing her treatment and for the rest of the family too. They were all affected by this diagnosis. On the wish trip none of them had to worry about being sick. They were able to spend time together going on rides - not to treatments, sticking their toes in the ocean - not sticks from needles and making memories that will last a lifetime.

The girls are more than happy to share their trip photobooks with everyone who will look at them. They have wonderful memories. The highlight for them both was getting to meet Princess Belle. They both got to spend time with Belle reading books, coloring, singing, dancing and just having the time of their lives!
The family was astounded at the VIP treatment they received while on their trip. Braelyn was walking to see Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and when they spotted her their security cleared the area and kept everyone else at a distance while Winnie the Pooh and Tigger spent time just with Braelyn and walked around their area hand-in-hand. A memory never to be forgotten.

Besides all the Disney parks, the family stayed at Give Kids the World Village® during their trip. They were able to relax, meet lots of characters and spend as much time as possible swimming. Actually, swimming at Give Kids the World was their second favorite part of the trip!

For their family, this wish had a big impact. It gave Braelyn something to look forward to and know that she had to go to treatment even when she didn’t want to so that she could be well enough for her wish. It gave them immense joy and strength to continue fighting Braelyn’s cancer.

Both Braelyn and Camryn are ready to book another trip!

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