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Ryker Goes Camping

Ryker seeing his camper for the first time

“ Camping is one of the few things we can do as a family... ”

- wish mom, Nicolle

Summer means beautiful weather, spending time outside and for many families in North Dakota, it is prime camping season. However, for a family whose child has a life-threatening medical condition, a favorite family pastime like camping becomes much more difficult.

Ryker is a 4-year-old boy from Cavalier, who has Phelan-McDermid syndrome. Phelan-McDermid is a genetic condition that has also caused Ryker to have an immune deficiency. His family loves to go camping and they’ve been doing it since Ryker was born. However, Ryker’s condition makes camping difficult and he’s not able to camp in a tent. In the past, the family has had to borrow grandma and grandpa’s camper but it’s not big enough for everyone to camp together and since they are also avid campers, Ryker was only able to go camping a few times a year. Ryker with his mom and dad

Referred by his physician, Ryker met his volunteer wish granters and began to think about what his one true wish might be. For Ryker, something that allowed him to do something he loves and do it safely with his family was at the top of his list.
Ryker determined that a camper with a safe bed for him was his one true wish. With that in mind, Make-A-Wish North Dakota set the wheels in motion to make his wish come true.

In addition to a bed with a safety railing, Ryker’s new camper is air conditioned to keep him cool on the hot summer days since he isn’t able to sweat and there is plenty of space for him to sprawl out and play inside. There is also a sound system for him to listen to his favorite music and a TV for him to watch his favorite Disney movies when it’s too hot to be outside.

Ryker's wish comes trueIn April, Ryker’s one true wish came true just in time for the start of the summer camping season. Outlet Recreation, Fargo was happy to host Ryker’s wish reveal celebration. Ryker and his family got to explore his new camper and were treated to fun surprises inside for many exciting camping trips to come.

Wishes are not just about giving a child a one-time experience to enjoy but often a wish brings families closer together to create life-long memories. Ryker’s wish will bring him joy for many years to come when he gets to spend his summer camping with his family.

Make-A-Wish thanks Outlet Recreation for helping to make Ryker's wish come true!

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