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Peyton gets a puppy

Peyton puppy

“ We're very grateful... ”

- Wish mom, Paige

Peyton is described as an “animal magnet.” The very thought of being able to take home and play with her very own puppy brings a big smile to 3-year-old Peyton’s face.

Peyton puppyBefore she could have her wish granted, Peyton had to make a very tough decision – what kind of puppy. To help her decide, her wish granting volunteers found pictures of six types of puppies that would be best for Peyton.

On National Believe Day, Peyton arrived by limousine and was greeted by Macy’s associates. They had the honor of presenting Peyton with the pictures of puppies for her to choose from. With every picture shown, Peyton’s excitement grew and grew, but she knew exactly what kind of puppy she wanted. Peyton took one look at the picture of the Cavalier King Charles and knew that was the one for her.

The Cavalier King Charles puppy flew to North Dakota from Indiana to be with his new best friend. Peyton loves her new puppy friend. They enjoy cuddling and going for walks together. Like Peyton’s grandfather said it “A small dog will be the perfect companion for Peyton,” and he was right. It wasn’t just the gift of a new puppy that day for Peyton; it will be the gift of joy and a chance to not worry about the effects of congenital muscular dystrophy.
We're very grateful to Make-A-Wish. ”

— Wish mom, Paige

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