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Logan's Creative Wish!


“ We are just so grateful! ”

- Nikki, Wish Mom

  • Logan , 11

    • cystic fibrosis
    • I wish to have an art gallery for my friends and family

Anyone who meets Harwood native Logan quickly realizes she is very mature and wise beyond her years. That is in part because she has had more trials and tribulations in her eleven years than some people have in their lifetime. Her Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis may control aspects of her life, but she refuses to let it control her.

Art has been an escape for Logan during her daily treatments. A way she can take that otherwise “wasted time” and instead turn it into beautiful creativity. Creativity that she hopes will benefit others than herself someday.

LoganLogan has big dreams and aspirations for her life and how she can help people. So when she was asked by her Make-A-Wish North Dakota wish granting volunteers what her one true wish would be, she wanted to have an art show for her friends and family. But she wanted to take it one step further and have her artwork benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Make-A-Wish and her volunteers, Angie Lord, Sam Stults and Billie Kellar, began planning and organizing an art show worthy of Logan’s vision and creativity. Leading up to the art show, Logan met with many local artists to learn their medium and create a beautiful body of work for her gallery opening. After months of painting, drawing and sculpting, her works of art were ready to share in the gallery show she would chose to call “Reflections.” Her artist statement was as followed:Logan

“My name is Logan, I am 11 years old.  I have loved art since as long as I can remember (you’ll have to ask my mom!)  I have Cystic Fibrosis and I have to sit in a treatment for my lungs twice a day, more when I don’t feel good, for up to about 3 hours a day!  I started to draw and color in my treatments as a way to pass the time. It also a very calming thing for me.  The Treatment Shakes me a TON but somehow my hand stays steady (and yes I even do most of my school work in my treatment)!  Art became really a serious thought for me last year. I wondered how I could use my skills to help others.  I wished for Art lessons to meet some cool artists to help me learn new art mediums to see what I like best!  I never really knew I liked painting so much!  My Great Grandpa has always said that I had a special talent and he wants to live long to see what my art will do when I grow up, so this show is to raise money to give back and for my Great Grandpa to see me in his wish!”

LoganIt was a night of celebrating Logan and all she has accomplished. Every piece of Logan’s artwork was sold. It’s an experience Logan, her family and her friends will not soon forget. “Ever since the show I hear her talking about making art as her job,” says Logan’s mom, Nikki, “we are just so grateful.”

“Thank you so much to all of the artists, wish granters, volunteers and my family and friends!  I love you all!” exclaims Logan, who is most likely hard at work making her next masterpiece.

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