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Hunter visits Pearl Harbor

Hunter in a plane

“ That was a day we will never forget. ”

- Wish mom, Amanda

  • Hunter , 9

    • congenital hydrocephalus
    • I wish to go to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii
  • I Wish to Go

Hunter has always loved history. He even has a personal connection to one of the most infamous moments in American history. His great-grandfather was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked.

Hunter has endured his own personal battle in dealing with the effects of congenital hydrocephalus. At 11 months old he had surgery to place his shunt, and since then, he has had 13 surgeries due to shunt malfunctions.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish Hunter’s recent trip was not about a doctor’s appointment but about his one true wish being granted. He was off to Hawaii to see Pearl Harbor. 

Hunter admiring Pearl Harbor

Hunter knew all the details of that day: when, how and what happened at Pearl Harbor but being there in person was so mesmerizing that he was left speechless. Hunter was given the VIP treatment with private tours, being Captain for the day and flying the flight simulator. Hunter’s mother, Amanda said, “That was a day we will never forget.”

Not only is Hawaii home to this historic site, but it is also the perfect place for swimming, fishing and snorkeling. One of his other highlights of the trip was going on a Hawaiian fishing excursion where Hunter caught the biggest Mahi Mahi of the day!

“It is tough to find the words to wrap up this trip. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. But, it goes so much deeper than just being an amazing vacation.” Hunter’s mother, Amanda expressed.

“For the first time in Hunter's life, he felt proud of everything he has been through. He understands that his bravery through so many tough situations medically, is what allowed him to make this one wish. This experience gave him the confidence, little by little, to actually talk about his shunt and the number of surgeries he's had to his classmates.

This organization gave something to our child that we have been praying about for quite a understanding and acceptance of what he has. They gave him an experience to replace the words we found it so difficult to find when explaining to him "why him."”

It was truly a trip of a lifetime. But, it goes so much deeper than just being an amazing vacation. ”

— Hunter’s mother, Amanda

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Grace Jochim

So amazing it reminds me of my brother when he had Leukemia.

October 09, 2014 - 10:05 AM

Nicole Halbach

Amanda - hello from Hastings, Minnesota. We just this afternoon received the most outstanding news from Make-A-Wish; our son Carter's wish was granted for him to go to Pearl Harbor as well! We would be so blessed to talk to you more about assistance in our planning! We have never ever been on a plane as a family; nor anywhere like this!

September 16, 2016 - 12:48 PM

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