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Daviney's Enchanted Wish

Daviney in Scotland

Daviney Discovers her Ancestry

For 10-year-old Daviney, discovering her one true wish didn’t take long. She has an insatiable hunger for history and her Scottish heritage. With these things in mind, Daviney wished to visit castles in Scotland.

Daviney was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was just two days old. She has been receiving daily treatments and medications ever since. For her and her family, their “normal” is her strict treatment regimen and managing her condition. Vacations for the family seem to always revolve around doctor visits.

While Daviney may have to deal with cystic fibrosis, a hereditary lung disease, on a daily basis, she is determined to not let it control her life. She stays incredibly active and loves cross country, cross-fit, gymnastics, softball and basketball.


Volunteer wish granters Kelly and Bonnie met Daviney and asked a variety of questions to spark her imagination. One of those questions was, “If you could go back in history and be anyone, who would it be?” Her answers was Sacagawea, so that she could show Lewis and Clark around and keep them out of trouble!

Daviney’s wish granters revealed her wish to her in a surprise announcement at the Bakken BBQ in Dickinson. Her heroine, Sacagawea was there to tell Daviney that her wish was coming true. For Daviney, this moment when she found out she was going to see castles in Scotland was surreal and she couldn’t believe it was actually happening!

Daviney, her sister, Kohen and parents, Shannon and Chantel, experienced her wish as a family. For them, that was an important part of her wish. Chantel says, “CF affects everybody in the family. There’s the stress and other things that we go through emotionally. This is a break from all of it.”

Daviney outside telephone booth

During her wish, Daviney and her family were able to stay overnight in the Traquair Castle, get an underground tour of Edinburgh, tour the Stirling Castle, visit Loch Ness and many other unforgettable places. There was so much to see and do and it was an eye opening experience to see another way of life outside of the United States.

Daviney and her family say that their favorite place was the Traquair House, where the staff treated them like royalty. Daviney and Khoen also enjoyed seeing the hairy coo (Highland cow) while on their adventures.

highland cow

The whole family had an amazing experience and made memories that will last a lifetime. Daviney loves to talk about her wish and show off the amazing scrapbook that was created for her after the wish. The smile she has when talking about the wish is a glimpse into the immense impact the wish made on Daviney and her whole family.

A special thank you to wish granters Kelly Braun and Bonnie Goldsberry for their work making Daviney’s wish come true and Adopt-A-Wish® Partner, Bakken BBQ.

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