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Xayer - I Wish to Tame a Dinosaur

Xayer with a dinosaur

“ The big dinosaur ride was the best part! ”

Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Dreadnoughtus and Iguanodon may seem like Greek to most people, but for Xayer, a pint-sized paleontologist, he knows that these are the names of dinosaurs.

When volunteer wish granters, Kayla and Dave, met Xayer, a 5-year-old boy from Fargo, it was obvious that he was a dinosaur expert and knew much more about all kinds of dinosaurs than they did. When his wish granters asked him to imagine his one true wish, Xayer knew right away that he wanted to tame dinosaurs. Simply put, he loves dinosaurs!

With Xayer’s one true wish determined, Make-A-Wish roared into action making his wish come true. While all the behind the scenes work was happening to make Xayer’s wish come true, Kayla and Dave continued to keep in touch with him and his family to make the time leading up to his wish magical with anticipation. They also planned a surprise wish reveal party featuring some of his favorite things, of course it included dinosaurs. Xayer along with friends and family were invited to the park for pizza and a visit from the ice cream truck. During this party he was told that his wish was coming true. His dinosaur size smile was priceless.

Born with a congenital cardiac condition and only half of his heart, Xayer has undergone two open heart surgeries in his young life. Having his wish come true brought excitement to his world like nothing else ever has. His wish is something he looked forward to and the expectation and joy were all he could think, and talk, about leading up to his wish.Dinosaur kiss

When it came time for his wish, Xayer and his family boarded a plane and headed to the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, California. Xayer received extra special treatment on his flight, received his first pair of wings and was treated like a celebrity by the captain. Once they arrived in L.A., they had a chance to settle in and explore their hotel and nearby attractions.

The next day was Xayer’s big day! He was going to tame a dinosaur. He and his family went to Universal Studios Hollywood™ and headed straight for Jurassic Park® - The Ride. Xayer and his family were treated to a thrilling river raft adventure where they were able to see dinosaurs in their natural jungle habitat. After the ride, Xayer was able to participate in a live encounter with a nearly 9-foot tall Velociraptor. He learned how to give commands to the dinosaurs and even saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Xayer spent two days enjoying Universal Studios Hollywood™ and he said, “the big dinosaur ride was the best part.”  

In addition to visiting Universal Studios™, Xayer and his family kept busy and there was lots of memories made during their trip. They even visited the ocean near Malibu. Xayer’s mom, Amanda, said, “We’ve never been able to do anything like this before. The wish was amazing and impacted our family greatly.”

Even now, several months after this prehistoric adventure, Xayer still talks about his wish and the experiences they had together. He is very happy he got to be a dinosaur tamer. Xayer’s granted wish was more than a moment in time. The whole wish process transformed his, his family’s, the wish granters’ and others’ lives forever - helping us all build the emotional strength to survive and thrive along life’s journey.

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