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Jane becomes a beekeeper

Jane with bees

“ She's a natural beekeeper. ”

- Will Nissen, 5 Star Honey owner

Jane, age 17, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in December 2014 and had her leg amputated below the knee to keep the cancer from spreading to the rest of her body. As she learns to thrive with her prosthesis, Jane’s also learning a new business.

Buzz Off Honey was born out of Jane’s wish to be a beekeeper.

Will Nissen, owner of 5 Star Honey was more than happy to help make Jane’s wish a reality. The bees for Jane’s new business were donated by 5 Star Honey and Jane spent the day learning the tricks of the trade from the Nissen family at their farm. Nissen called Jane “a natural beekeeper” with her calm demeanor.

From learning about the bees to how to collect the honey and beeswax to learning what products she can use them to create, Jane’s day was much more than she expected.

Jane’s mom, Diana says, “she could have asked for a trip or something, but she didn’t want anything like that.” Jane said she likes working a lot and “bees are just really interesting” so she wished to be a beekeeper. Her dad, Jeff, is proud of his daughter and her attitude toward this wish, he says, “it’s a long term venture, it says a lot about what Jane thinks about her condition”.

After she spent the day learning about the bees, beekeeping, and products she can make with the beeswax and honey, Jane was presented with a state license for her new business as well as a custom sign to advertise Buzz Off Honey!
It’s a long term venture, it says a lot about what Jane thinks about her condition. ”

— Wish dad, Jeff

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