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Oct 13, 2017

The Making of a SUPER event!

Wish Fast Blog
This month's blog comes from Nick Vculek, founder and President of Wish Fast: Superhero Run. Nick shares his reason behind starting Wish Fast and his passion for helping grant the wishes of local children. Special events, like Wish Fast, are important fundraisers for Make-A-Wish®. These are external events organized by individuals or organizations outside of Make-A-Wish.

Living in a world where super strength, flying with a cape and laser beams are all left to the imagination can be kind of disheartening. That’s why as kids we are so pulled in to cartoons on TV and in comic books, we love to see the colors that only our imagination can see. As an adult, I still love seeing the art in comics, you can pull out a comic on a grim, rainy day and pull the colors and have an adventure.

When I was in college that’s all I wanted was to be pulled out of the dull textbooks where there were no “POW” or “KABLOOMS.” So, I went to the comic shop and found adventures that I have been following since I was a kid sitting watching Saturday morning cartoons. One comic pulls me out from my slump that most college kids go through on their way to professional adulthood.

One day, scrolling through Facebook a small costumed vigilante peeked my attention. Miles Scott, the Batkid, had just saved the city of San Francisco from the Penguin and the Riddler and other villains that I had grown up with and loved. I said to myself “man, wish something that would have happened to me when I was his age.” Then I stop and continue through his life’s adventure to find out he was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia. That’s when I stopped and said “no, I’m glad that didn’t happen to me at his age.” That shouldn’t happen to anyone his age. With my lack of understanding of his situation, I just couldn’t believe he was smiling and having the time of his life taking down villains, saving the innocent people of the city.

During the time of the Batkid, I was in the process of coming up with an idea for a class fundraiser, where we would come up with an idea and present it to the class. While coming up with an idea for a fundraiser I thought that was great that Miles Scott got his wish granted, but could you imagine if every wish kid or kid had the opportunity to be a superhero? How long lasting those memories would be and how it could shape the kids of the future to be instilled with the morals of their favorite superheroes? So, I proposed a superhero walk/run, where kids and adults could dress up. The class came up with Wish Fast. The unique part of this would be super villains would be scattered throughout the course so the kids could silly string and battle some of the most recognizable villains in the world, that were really our friends and family supporting our class project.

Fast forward four years later, we’re all still having fun with this event. We figure it our own holiday or family reunion, when we all get to pretend it’s Halloween in May and do a good deed that affects the lives of local families and Wish Kids across the state. Raising money for the Make-A-Wish North Dakota kids that want to go to Disney World, be a superhero, or whatever their wish might be. Being able to say we help grant those wishes brings a sense of joy and accomplishment to our lives.

What makes events like Wish Fast so important is the kids themselves. I have always been a true believer that the kids of today can change the future. Some of these kids may believe they have a weakness, but that’s what makes them stronger and more courageous and because of their courage and strength they can influence people like myself and others who take part in Wish Fast to continue putting on our event.

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