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A Letter of Thanks From a Wish Family

Kulsrud Boys
This month's blog is a letter penned by a family who experienced 3 unique wishes. One for each of the brothers who all have the same rare critical illness. Thank you to everyone who make these wishes possible through donations of time, talent and gifts.

When we hear or read about Make-A-Wish it always brings a smile to our faces and a warm fuzzy feeling of what this great organization has done for our family. Our 3 children, often referred to as the Kulsrud Brothers, were recipients of 3 wishes from Make-A-Wish after being diagnosed with a rare neurodegenerative disease called PKAN. At the time there was not much hope with any kind of treatment for this disease, our family was devastated.

LaneIt seemed like such a simple problem, their bodies can not metabolize vitamin B5 so then iron builds in the basil ganglia of the brain thus causing all kinds of neuro damage. It seemed simple but yet so complicated to try and fix. 

When volunteers came to our house to get to know the boys and what their wishes were, we immediately became a part of the Make-A-Wish family and our lives were changed forever, we were given a chance to forget about PKAN and focus on their wishes and a future!

TannerLane chose to swim with dolphins in Hawaii, Tanner surprised us with his choice to go on a cruise and Ty quickly and strongly decided to go to Texas to meet real cowboys!

Our family experienced three trips of a lifetime in a year’s time. Each trip was special because Make-A-Wish went above and beyond to make it unique to each of their personalities! We are forever grateful for the memories we have from each of the trips! Still to this day, the boys will reflect on each of their trips and how much fun they had.


We cannot say THANK YOU enough to the sponsors who made the boys wishes come true thru their donations and for the staff at Make-A-Wish for going the extra mile when planning their trips of a lifetime.

Jay, Laura, Lane, Tanner and Ty Kulsrud

Grace City, ND

Kulsrud Family

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