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Aug 08, 2017

Carrington High School Students Make Wishes Come True

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This month’s blog comes from David Nowatzki, Principal and Student Council Advisor at Carrington High School. David shares his experience with the Kids For Wish Kids® (KFWK) program and how students can have a part in making wishes come true. Kids For Wish Kids is a program designed for kids to help kids. Students engage in philanthropy and service activities to help make a child’s wish come true or make wishes extra special and memorable. While teachers or parents often serve as advisors, the goal of a KFWK program is for students to come up with ideas and carry them out. Ownership belongs solely to the students involved.

Read on to learn about the great success of Kids For Wish Kids at Carrington High School.

During the past two years, the Carrington High School Student Council has led two Kids For Wish Kids® fundraisers that have generated over $8000 for Make-A-Wish® North Dakota. Our Student Council officers designed this service project, but its success relied on the kindness and generosity of our entire student body and staff.  

Each year, the CHS Student Council coordinates a Snowball Week at the end of January. The week includes dress-up days, fun activities, and a semi-formal dance. Our Student Council was interested in adding a service component to the week’s activities, but had not decided what they wanted to do. In the fall of 2016, we had the opportunity to have Billi Jo Zielinski, the President and CEO of Make-A-Wish North Dakota, speak to our student body. She gave an enlightening presentation on the impact that Make-A-Wish has had on the lives of many young people in North Dakota. Shortly after her presentation, our Student Council President visited with Billi Jo about how CHS could contribute to this wonderful organization. She was very receptive to the suggestion, gave him a few ideas, and he brought those ideas back to fire up our Student Council. They had decided on the service project they would conduct during the upcoming Snoball Week!

On the Monday morning of Snowball Week, a school-wide student assembly was held in the gym. Our Student Council President introduced Laura Kulsrud, who gave a moving presentation about how Make-A-Wish had impacted the lives of her three sons. This past year, Pastor Bruce Vold told the inspirational story about his son and his experience with Make-A-Wish. Presentations of personal experiences have been a great way to kick-off our fundraising activities!

During the second period of every day that week, a Student Council member would use the intercom to invite our students to donate any sum of money towards Make-A-Wish. Student Council members would then collect the donation totals from each classroom, which would be deposited and tallied in the office. Total money amounts collected in each class were announced daily, and the class who donated the most money by the end of the week would receive donuts on the following Monday. While members of the student body agreed that the purpose of the project was more important than winning a sweet treat, they certainly enjoyed the competitive spirit of trying to best their classmates’ contributions!

During the first year of this activity, the student body and staff raised around $3,400 in just one week! The Student Council conducted another small fundraiser (selling ‘Cardinal’ tumblers) to bring that total to $5,000. During this past year, the project raised $3,480 during the week! The students of our school understand the important services provided by Make-A-Wish North Dakota and are committed to continuing this level of support in the future. At Carrington High School, we have kids that make wishes for other kids possible!

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