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Apr 26, 2017

Fantastic Faith: A Super Big Sister

“There’s no buddy like a brother.” – Anonymous

This quote is a good summation of a brother-sister relationship. In many wish families, the wish belongs to the wish child, but there are often siblings who get to experience the wish as well. And, rightly so. For siblings, the diagnosis of a life-threatening medical condition has a profound impact on their life as well.

Fantastic FaithThis month, we meet Faith. You might actually know her as Fantastic Faith after her brother Kamden’s wish came true. Kamden wished to be a super hero and was transformed into Super K and saved the city.

Faith was just two years old when Kamden was born and diagnosed with Prune Belly syndrome. When asked the best thing about her brother, she said, “that God made him and gave him to our family.” She also thinks, “he’s amazing!” Sweet words from a proud big sister. They spend a lot of time together and love playing together.

Her love for her brother is clear, but as their mom, Karielle says, "don't get me wrong, they are still brother and sister!" For his entire life, Kamden has had therapy, doctor visits, surgeries, hospital stays and lots of times where the world revolved around Kamden. Sometimes it’s hard for a young girl to understand why her brother gets all the attention. Their parents, Francis and Karielle, try their hardest to make sure that Faith has one-on-one time or other special activities, but it isn’t always the same and many times she doesn't feel as “special” as she thinks her brother is or feel like she got as much special treatment as he did. It’s hard for a young child to understand that the “special treatment” a sick child gets isn’t really something you want.Super Heroes

When Kamden was referred to Make-A-Wish, his wish was evident pretty quickly. He wanted to be a super hero and save the city from the bad guys. He loves all things super hero and bad guys and Faith is usually right there with him. During the planning of his wish, wish granters knew that it was important to have his sister there, every step of the way, helping to make his wish come true.

When Kamden found out that he was going to be transformed into Super K, Faith also found out that she was going to be transformed into Fantastic Faith and together they would fight the bad guys. For Faith, knowing that she got to share in Kamden’s wish was amazing. She was excited that Kamden’s wish day was about their whole family and not just Kamden.

Super K and Fantastic FaithFor Francis and Karielle, they were overjoyed knowing that Faith was involved and that she would feel special too. Being a big sister to a brother with a life-threatening medical condition is hard and for this one day, Faith got to be the big sister AND a super hero!

Faith and Kamden have lots of great times together and both have a great love and affection for each other, even if Kamden does hate it when Faith reads to him while he’s trying to go to the bathroom!

Faith and Kamden are also having to join forces these days to be the best big sister and brother duo they can be for their new sister, Hope.

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