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Hankinson School Involved in Revealing Wish


December 04, 2018

HANKINSON, ND - Logan is a 12-year-old boy who knows what he wants. He definitely doesn’t want to be spending his childhood fighting leukemia but unfortunately that’s his reality. However, he was given control by his Make-A-Wish North Dakota wish granting volunteers, Kaycee, Diana, and Amy, when they asked him what he would wish for. There was no hesitation for the Hankinson native who immediately said he wanted to go to Hawaii.

Tomorrow, December 5th, Logan will be surprised by his wish granters who will be revealing to him that his wish is coming true in the beginning of January. His 7th grade class will be in the Hankinson Public School cafeteria along with family and friends. His wish granters will have called Logan to the office to “give them a tour” because he thinks they are just coming to see his school. Logan’s 6th grade teacher, who was very inspirational to him, will present him his boarding pass. The wish granters will also bring leis, sunglasses, hula skirts, etc. for the kids to have on.

Then on Wednesday, January 2nd, Logan and his family will be off to Hawaii for a week of fun and memories. They will be staying in Honolulu and will get the chance to do many activities that will be a surprise revealed to him at a later date. This whole trip is focused on Logan and his family getting to spend quality time together away from the stresses of a critical illness.

This trip is only possible because the Child Life Professional at the hospital he doctors at took the time to refer him for a wish. A common misconception is that Make-A-Wish only serves terminal children and that is not the case. While that may have been true immediately after the organization’s founding in 1980, the eligibility criteria expanded to allow doctors to use the wish as an important part of the medical treatment and healing process. Many children who have their wishes fulfilled have overcome or are on their way to overcoming their medical conditions. Children can be referred by medical professionals, parents/guardians, the child him/herself or a close family member. To learn more about the referral process visit

Make-A-Wish creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Since its inception in 1985, Make-A-Wish North Dakota has granted over 880 wishes to children across the state.


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